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Instacoins Teams Up With Private Jet Company

by Instacoins Author|Jun 4, 2021|0 Comments
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Instacoins has teamed up luxury private jet brokers, Sandbanks Jets, to facilitate crypto payments for its esteemed clients. Sandbanks Jets is paving the way for crypto payments, embracing the demand for swift and secure transactions via alternative methods thanks to Estonia-based Instacoins.“Sandbanks Jets has always positioned itself at the forefront of consumer demand and technology. We are proud of our partnership with Instacoins, as we are now able to promise our esteemed customers a safe and secure payment experience with crypto. We believe this is the way of the future,” says Lucy Redknapp, Sales Director.

Instacoins founder Adrian Kreter says: “There is an ever-growing demographic who wants to use cryptocurrency to finance their purchases – from everyday goods to luxury items, from daily coffee to air travel. Merchants have, however, generally been reluctant to offer this option to their customers.“It is with great pleasure that Instacoins welcomes on board Sandbanks Jets, who are proving themselves to be frontrunners not only in the luxury air travel space but also in offering crypto-currency payment options”, adds Mr Kreter.Instacoins Estonia Ou is a licensed cryptocurrency brokerage regulated in Estonia. Its mission is to provide a simple and secure Bitcoin buying process. Through this partnership, Sandbanks Jets clients will be able to pay for any services bookedvia Sandbanks Jets with Bitcoin.If you would like to know more about this partnership, visit or get in touch with Sandbanks Jets at or email our sales team at

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