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At Instacoins, our mission is to simplify and enhance the world of digital finance. Our blog serves as a vibrant hub for insights, news, and expert opinions in the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency.

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Celebrating 2023 – An Instacoins Recap


|By Instacoins AuthorDec 20, 2023

Festive Greetings from Instacoins! The Instacoins elves have been hard at work this year, bringing the community gifts the whole year round, and not just for the holidays. Our mission is (and always has been) to provide our community members with the easiest and most efficient way to buy, store and send Bitcoin. This year, we’ve delivered on that promise by constantly adding new features and services to help everybody get the most out of their crypto journey. Let’s have a quick recap : More payment methods than ever before In 2023, we added even more payment methods to our platform, making su

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Instacoins Attends Chainalysis Conference


|By Instacoins AuthorDec 14, 2023

Instacoins recently attended Chainalysis’ yearly Christmas event at the Nobu Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. Chainalysis is the world’s leading blockchain data analysis company, and has a strong partnership with Instacoins that has existed since the company’s inception. Many company representatives from both the crypto compliance as well as service provider sectors were present. The event hosted presentations and discussions around some of the recent trends in digital forensic monitoring, the macro crypto environment in 2023 and an outlook to 2024, as well as a talk around crypto scams on Telegrams,

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Road To One Million


|By Instacoins AuthorOct 10, 2023

We’re fast approaching a huge milestone here at Instacoins… one million transactions! That’s one million Bitcoin purchases that our community has trusted us with. To celebrate, we’re doing some awesome giveaways worth a total of $2,500! 🎁 These prizes will only be around for a limited time, so act now to win! 🏆 Golden 1 Million Ticket We’re giving away a $1,500 flight ticket voucher to the person who makes the one millionth transaction. — Fly to any destination around the world for FREE! — The more you transact, the higher your chances of winning. 🏆 Prize Draw 1️⃣ First Prize : A $500 trave

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East Meets West: Asia’s Rising Role in Crypto


|By Instacoins AuthorOct 4, 2023

The global cryptocurrency landscape is constantly evolving, with different regions constantly pushing for dominance and influence. Lately, there’s been a notable shift that industry professionals are keenly observing: Asia’s increasing prominence in the crypto space. The significance of this is underlined not only by speculation, but also by the tangible actions and policy decisions emerging from various Asian territories. This paints a clear picture: countries, especially in the West, stand at a crucial juncture : Embrace the rapid evolution of cryptocurrency or risk a backseat role. With the

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Open Banking and Cryptocurrency: Merging Two Financial Revolutions


|By Instacoins AuthorAug 17, 2023

The world of finance keeps evolving. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum aren’t just buzzwords or passing trends; they’ve marked their territory, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Meanwhile, open banking is reshaping the traditional banking experience, using cutting-edge technology to make our financial lives more transparent and straightforward. So, what happens when these two powerhouses meet? By merging cryptocurrency with open banking, we’re witnessing rapid financial evolution happening right in front of our eyes. This integration doesn’t just help modernise old banking pra


A word with Head of Sales & Client Account Management – Robert Sultana


|By Instacoins AuthorDec 19, 2022

Robert Sultana, Head of Sales & Client Account Management at Instacoins Group, offered some in-depth insight into what exactly his role entails, his vision for the company’s future and a look at some of the hurdles faced by the Fintech and Blockchain sector in general. I have worked across various industries spanning: insurance, regulatory, financial learning, recruitment, operations and payments and have held several functions, duties and responsibilities. Landing a job in sales and business development, I realized my true calling, discovering the thrill I reap by creating & nurturing

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Is Your Transaction Failing?


|By Instacoins AuthorAug 29, 2022

Have you tried purchasing something online, only to get an error when you try to pay? You’re doing everything right, yet you get an error after the whole process. It’s frustrating, but thankfully you can do something about it! Depending on the type of error code you get, you can fix the problem yourself or get your bank to fix it for you. The most frequent errors you get when making an online transaction are the following: Such code errors are generated directly by your bank and need to be addressed to be able to continue with your financial transactions. Invalid PIN/CVV or Invalid 3DS/VBV sim

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Instacoins ranked as Top Global Contributor by Chainalysis


|By Instacoins AuthorJul 7, 2022

Cryptocurrency companies are often singled out as impersonal, isolated, opaque, and detached from their clients and the business landscape at large. Worse still, some have been involved in fraud, hacks, scams, and other not-so-desirable business. That couldn’t be further from the truth here at Instacoins. From day one we believed in making Instacoins a safe and transparent place where you can buy crypto quickly and securely. Transparency and an open flow of information are two key pillars of our vision. We are thus extremely honoured to be nominated as a Top Global Contributor by Chainalysis,

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|By Instacoins AuthorOct 7, 2021

Instacoins is proud to having teamed up with Dutch-based premium car customisation company, Absolute Motors, to allow their clients to pay for their car personalisation in Bitcoin. To celebrate this occasion, Absolute Motors is now allowing its customers to purchase a Bugatti Chiron in Bitcoin.Absolute Motors is paving the way for crypto payments, embracing the demand for swift and secure transactions via alternative methods thanks to Estonia-based Instacoins. “Given our high demand clientele, we are always pushing ourselves to be a step ahead in customer experience. Our partnership with Insta

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Instacoins Teams Up With Private Jet Company


|By Instacoins AuthorJun 4, 2021

Instacoins has teamed up luxury private jet brokers, Sandbanks Jets, to facilitate crypto payments for its esteemed clients. Sandbanks Jets is paving the way for crypto payments, embracing the demand for swift and secure transactions via alternative methods thanks to Estonia-based Instacoins.“Sandbanks Jets has always positioned itself at the forefront of consumer demand and technology. We are proud of our partnership with Instacoins, as we are now able to promise our esteemed customers a safe and secure payment experience with crypto. We believe this is the way of the future,” says Lucy Redkn

Festive Season 2020: Instacoins Updates Customer Support Service Hours


|By Instacoins AuthorDec 24, 2020

Instacoins Ltd. would like to inform its esteemed clients that Bitcoin purchase during the festive season will still be available, however, customer support service hours will be updated as follows: Our Customer Support Service will resume its 24/7 operation as from 2nd January 2021. The team would like to take this opportunity to wish all its clients and readers all the best for the holidays and a prosperous new year! For more information on our Customer Support Services, visit:

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How Do You Spot A Scam?


|By Instacoins AuthorDec 9, 2020

Scammers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to trick honest people into sending them money. And with bitcoins known for being agile and volatile, to say the least, the risks concerned when dealing with digital currencies or monetary mechanisms are constantly on the rise. Thus bitcoin users need to look out for potential red flags — or as we say DYOR (Do Your Own Research) — before either sending bitcoins to a person you have just received a text message from, or investing to make a quick profit. It is imperative that users make sure they are sending their bitcoins to the rig

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Trending Fraud


|By Instacoins AuthorNov 24, 2020

In 2016, John received an email that would change his life. The email, which appeared to have been sent by Netflix, asked him to update his account as his subscription had expired. He followed the link, entered his credit card details, and completely unbeknown to him, gave away his personal data to hackers, who would use his details to commit fraudulent activities. John’s story is only one of many millions who are victims of phishing scams each year. What is Fraud? Fraud is an intentional act or omission designed to deceive others. Victims of fraud suffer a loss in monetary value, personal pro

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Understanding Chargebacks


|By Instacoins AuthorNov 12, 2020

When Martin’s flight got cancelled in March, the airline offered him two options: either rebooking the same flight, or receiving holiday vouchers to redeem within the next year. He politely turned down the two options and requested a full refund. Martin spent weeks trying to reach an agreement with the airline but despite repeated promises, his money never arrived. In this scenario, Martin had to ask the bank to make a chargeback of €650 to his credit card account. What is a chargeback?A chargeback is a reversal of payment onto the credit or debit card, that comes directly from your bank. Cha

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Instacoins: We Are Still Here


|By Instacoins AuthorMar 17, 2020

Dear clients, In the midst of all the chaos and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to reach out to you to assure you that we are still here. Instacoins is a fully digital platform and our Bitcoin brokerage services are still in operation. While all necessary measures have been taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our team at Instacoins by working remotely, our commitment and level of service has not changed. Keep safe, Jean Paul Bonnici,Instacoins CEO

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Instacoins Ltd. to present at Malta’s Best-in-Business Awards 2019


|By Instacoins AuthorDec 4, 2019

Instacoins Founder Adrian Kreter will be presenting the award for ICT Company of the Year at the Malta Best-in-Business Awards. Now in its third successive year, the Best-in-Business Awards honours companies, executives and products for their exceptional business achievements throughout the year. “We are proud to be part of the most sought after awards show for businesses in Malta,” says Adrian Kreter. “As a local fintech company, our mission is to drive innovation and work with people who aspire positive impact on our community, so being part of such a prestigious event is a great honour. All

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Festive Season: Instacoins Updates Customer Support Service Hours


|By Instacoins AuthorNov 12, 2019

Instacoins Ltd. would like to inform its esteemed clients that Bitcoin purchase during the festive season will still be available, however, customer support service hours will be updated as follows: Our Customer Support Service will resume its 24/7 operation as from 2nd January 2020. The team would like to take this opportunity to wish all its clients and readers all the best for the holidays and a prosperous new year! For more information on our Customer Support Services, visit:


Instacoins apply to become Class 3 VFA service-providers


|By Instacoins AuthorOct 11, 2019

Crypto-brokerage Instacoins is seeking to become one of Malta’s first service-providers to be regulated under the Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Act. VFA Service Providers will need to commence the licensing process with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) by 31 October 2019 in order to continue providing VFA services. “The VFA Act regulates the offering of virtual financial assets to the public and services provided in relation to virtual financial assets, in or from Malta. Instacoins is currently working closely with its VFA Agent to assist us in becoming one of the first local com

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Instacoins appoints Head of Legal, Head of Payments & Risk


|By Instacoins AuthorOct 2, 2019

Malta-based crypto-brokerage Instacoins is pleased to announce two important additions to its Management Team. Dr Ursula Farrugia has been appointed Head of Legal and Ms Christine Seychell as Head of Payments & Risk. CEO Jean Paul Bonnici says the appointments fall in-line with the company’s overall mission to remain constantly up to date with ongoing developments in the crypto-world, following the growth experienced in the start-up’s first year in operation. Dr Farrugia is a lawyer specialised in Financial Services and FinTech. She read for a Doctorate of Laws at the University of Malta a


Instacoins Founder Nominated for 4 Entrepreneurship Awards


|By Instacoins AuthorSep 24, 2019

24-year-old Adrian Kreter founded cryto-brokerage Instacoins in 2018 Instacoins provides a secure and user-friendly solution for fiat-to-crypto exchanges The start-up will be launching its crypto-Mastercard in the coming months Mr. Kreter is nominated for 4 entrepreneurship awards at Malta’s Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Malta-based crypto-currency brokerage founder is nominated for four local entrepreneurship awards. 24-year-old entrepreneur Adrian Kreter is shaking up the global FinTech industry through a secure and user-friendly platform that empowers clients with Bitcoin trading opt




|By Instacoins AuthorSep 24, 2019

Cryptocurrency brokerage, Instacoins Ltd., is now an approved money transmitter business under US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) regulations.The American network’s mission is to safeguard the financial system from illicit use, combat money-laundering, and promote national security through the strategic use of financial authorities and the collection, analysis and dissemination of financial intelligence.“We have been operational for less than a year, and today marks a very important milestone for Instacoins. Our goal has always been that of making virtual currencies accessible, a

2023 Adrian Small

Meet our Co-Founder: Q&A with Adrian Kreter


|By Instacoins AuthorSep 24, 2019

Instacoins Ltd is a cryptocurrency brokerage that exchanges bitcoins against fiat money. MBR Magazine spoke with the CEO and co-founder of the firm, Adrian Kreter, to learn more about the project and also his perspective on the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. AK: I have travelled many times to Malta before. I was always excited when coming here. During the last years, Malta has been experiencing continuous growth numbers and achieving excellent results mostly in the financial services sphere. Malta has always been a more business-focused jurisdiction. It’s a great place for a start-up.

Best Fintech Entrepreneur Award Adrian Kreter Instacoins 2019 Fintech Malta E 1000x563

Instacoins Founder Scoops Up Two Entrepreneur Awards


|By Instacoins AuthorSep 21, 2019

Instacoins founder was named Malta’s best fintech entrepreneur and best start-up entrepreneur during this year’s edition of the Malta Best Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Organised by MBR Publications Ltd., the awards celebrate Maltese entrepreneurs and thought leaders with a drive and passion for innovation. Adrian Kreter, the 24-year-old crypto-currency brokerage founder, scooped up two awards out of four nominations for his one year old project, Instacoins. “Being our first year in operation and already recognised with these awards is extremely encouraging. Winning the title of Best Fintec

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