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Instacoins ranked as Top Global Contributor by Chainalysis

by Instacoins Author|Jul 7, 2022|0 Comments
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Cryptocurrency companies are often singled out as impersonal, isolated, opaque, and detached from their clients and the business landscape at large. Worse still, some have been involved in fraud, hacks, scams, and other not-so-desirable business.

That couldn’t be further from the truth here at Instacoins. From day one we believed in making Instacoins a safe and transparent place where you can buy crypto quickly and securely. Transparency and an open flow of information are two key pillars of our vision.

We are thus extremely honoured to be nominated as a Top Global Contributor by Chainalysis, the world’s leading blockchain data analysis company, for our active participation in the Chainalysis Community. The creation of such a community – where blockchain and crypto organisations come together and share information about market developments and potential illicit activity – led to the attribution of over 300 clusters associated with scams, fraudulent activity and stolen funds this year alone.

Instacoins has been collaborating with Chainalysis since its very beginnings, sharing the common belief that a thriving community can help instil trust and bring credibility to the industry. Our active participation in the Community was thus a natural step, and we are very proud to be the fourth most active contributor worldwide.

About Instacoins

Instacoins is a financial service that allows you to buy crypto swiftly and securely from almost anywhere in the world. Based in the European Union and offering industry-leading 24/7 customer support, our platform appeals to retail and institutional clients alike.

For the latter, Instacoins offers a personalised over-the-counter service where clients can trade large clips against a wide range of fiat currencies. Contrary to other market players, we do not hold order books or make the market.  We will disclose our independent price source in advance, giving you maximum transparency. And we will always fulfil your trade. Drop us a message on for more information.

This year will also see the launch of an exciting array of new products by the Instacoins Group, including a web platform for over-the-counter clients and merchants looking to accept crypto payments, an Instacoins debit card which will allow users to spend their crypto at the swipe of a card, and a travel-focused e-commerce website where you can pay for your holiday package in crypto. Get in touch on if you want to know more.

About Chainalysis

Chainalysis is the world’s premier blockchain data platform, providing data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 70 countries. Chainalysis data powers investigation, compliance, and market intelligence software that has been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile criminal cases and grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safely. Get in touch on for more information on how Chainalysis can help you achieve your business and regulatory goals.

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