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Is Your Transaction Failing?

by Instacoins Author|Aug 29, 2022|0 Comments
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Have you tried purchasing something online, only to get an error when you try to pay? You’re doing everything right, yet you get an error after the whole process.

It’s frustrating, but thankfully you can do something about it! Depending on the type of error code you get, you can fix the problem yourself or get your bank to fix it for you.

The most frequent errors you get when making an online transaction are the following:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Invalid 3DS/VBV / Do not honour
  • Suspected fraud
  • Security Violation / Transaction not permitted / Restricted card

Such code errors are generated directly by your bank and need to be addressed to be able to continue with your financial transactions.

Invalid PIN/CVV or Invalid 3DS/VBV simply means you wrongly entered your security PIN or the 3-digit number on the back of your card commonly referred to as the CVV number. You should be able to retry the transaction immediately. If the error persists, you may want to make sure that the bank who issued your card supports 3D-Secure authentication.

Insufficient funds means you’ve run out of credit, or you need to top-up the funds in your account. Double check your account to make sure there is enough balance to cover your desired purchase and try again.

For resolving the following errors, you will need to get in touch with your bank as the block will be coming from them. Banks have systems in place to detect new merchant, anomalies or strange patterns in card usage which may prevent you from using your card to pay for your desired goods.

Do not honour is a generic error that banks commonly use. You will need to ask your bank what the problem is, and advise them where you are trying to use the card.

Security Violation / Transaction not permitted / Restricted Card refers to your attempt at a transaction which was flagged your bank flagged as high-risk or as a violation of their rules. Again, this is just an issue with the bank’s default risk parameters. Call your bank, tell them you trust the merchant and advise them to lift any blocks and allow you to purchase with your card.

Suspected fraud is similar to the previous error, but is more likely when you are making across border transaction, for example a US customer attempting to use their card on a European merchant website. Get in touch with your bank and give them the website name, tell them you trust the merchant and want to make the purchase and to lift any blocks they have on your card, so you won’t have to call them again next time you make a purchase.

Transaction failures in today’s tech-driven world are certainly frustrating, but it usually it just takes a few minutes to fix once and for all. If you don’t know why your purchase on is not going through, get in touch with our 24/7 support team for help. We’re available round-the-clock on live chat, email and phone.

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