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Instacoins Attends Chainalysis Conference

by Instacoins Author|Dec 14, 2023|0 Comments
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Instacoins recently attended Chainalysis’ yearly Christmas event at the Nobu Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. Chainalysis is the world’s leading blockchain data analysis company, and has a strong partnership with Instacoins that has existed since the company’s inception. Many company representatives from both the crypto compliance as well as service provider sectors were present.

The event hosted presentations and discussions around some of the recent trends in digital forensic monitoring, the macro crypto environment in 2023 and an outlook to 2024, as well as a talk around crypto scams on Telegrams, including a number of case studies and real life examples. The cryptocurrency space is constantly evolving, and staying up to date with the space is what allows Instacoins to continuously respond to market demands. 

The partnership with Chainalysis has always been part of Instacoins mission to cultivate trust, transparency and security within the cryptocurrency sector. These values have been a core part of the Instacoins ethos from day one, and are based on the conviction that products and services based on such values will lead to a wider acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies across various industries.

Talks and presentations were followed by two hours of networking, as well as some food and drinks to round things off for the night. Instacoins CEO Jean Paul Bonnici, who attended the event on behalf of the Instacoins group of companies, said “Instacoins’ strategic partnership with Chainalysis has been fundamental for our group. We share the same values and vision about the industry, and we always gain so much insight and value when attending these events. These days, networking and partnerships should be focused more on quality rather than quantity, and this event did not fail to deliver on exactly that”.

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