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Instacoins Announces New Funding Currencies

New Features

|By Instacoins AuthorJun 9, 2021

Bitcoin-brokerage Instacoins is proud to announce it is accepting additional funding currencies as of June 14, 2021.Clients can use Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Francs, Norwegian Krona and South African Rand to fund their Instacoins account without incurring any foreign exchange fees from their local banks — if using any of these currencies as a local currency.Here’s how to do it:Instacoins clients should simply select AUD, CAD, CHF, NOK or ZAR as their currency before making a payment. Both debit/credit cards are accepted, as well as via bank wire. Clients can choose their desire

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New Features

|By Instacoins AuthorMar 24, 2020

Instacoins Estonia OÜ, has successfully obtained its second crypto-license, allowing the company to provide e-wallet services for virtual currencies. The company is fully regulated under Estonian law to provide services of exchanging virtual currency against fiat as well as provide a Bitcoin wallet service to all its clients. “This is another important milestone in the development of our company’s vision. Estonia offers an interesting environment for the development of financial technology businesses and the possibility of operating a crypto-exchange with regulatory certainty and the authority

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Crypto-Broker Instacoins Receives Operating License in Estonia

New Features

|By Instacoins AuthorFeb 3, 2020

Instacoins Estonia OÜ, a cryptocurrency brokerage, is pleased to announce it has received an operating license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The company is now fully regulated under Estonian law to provide services of exchanging virtual currency against fiat. Last year, Estonia tightened its regulations on preventing money laundering and criminal activities in connection with crypto-currencies and licensing virtual currency service providers. Following these measures, the Estonian licence has re-enforced its status as one of the most sought-after licences in the crypto

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